Act! Documents tab crashes after recent .NET 4.6.1 Windows Update

This bug seems to be affecting Windows 10 machines in particular.  Open the Act! documents tab and it will crash.

These issues are resolved in the latest hotfixes for v16 and higher.  Sage ACT! 2013 users are out of luck, so avoid windows and microsoft updates at all costs (probably too late if you’re reading this).

Hotfixes are free for your version.  They are updated locally so you do not need to run them on every computer, although it’s usually a good idea to if possible.

Fix: Visit our downloads page for the latest updates for each act version.

Hotfix installation is easy.

  1. Download the latest act update for your version
  2. Close out all windows, particularly Act, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer
  3. Open the hotfix.exe and run the installer
  4. Update will take 10 seconds – 5 minutes.
  5. Done!  Open Act! No schema update is necessary for hotfixes.  Enjoy

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