ACT! Quick Trick: Getting Started with Google Integration

[box style=”note”]All ACT! Quick Tricks are pulled verbatim from the Sage Community Boards. Full credit goes to the original authors of the posts, in most instances Brian Whalen. Please consider viewing the original article on the ACT Community Board here.[/box]

With Sage ACT! 2012, you don’t have to check two different places or manage two different calendars for a complete view of your business and personal lives. Sage ACT! works seamlessly with tools like Google Gmail, Contacts, and Calendar, so you can keep all or just a subset of your emails, contacts, and activities updated in both places. In this tip, you’ll learn how to manage application authorization in Google. Then in the coming weeks, you’ll learn how to configure Sage ACT! to integrate with Google applications for a streamlined view of your business and personal data.


Managing Application Authorization in Google

Before you can begin taking advantage of Google integration, you must authorize Sage ACT! to access your Google account. Authorization is an important piece of the puzzle, because it enables you to integrate Sage ACT! and Google applications without having to store your Google username and password within the database. Authorization may be revoked at any time to disable Sage ACT! from accessing your Google account data.


1. From within Sage ACT!, click the Tools menu, point to Integrate with Google, and then click Google Integration Preferences.



2. Select a Sage ACT! database for use with Google integration by clicking Change. Then browse to, and select your Sage ACT! database (.PAD file).


3. To grant Sage ACT! permission to access your Google account, click Register. If you do not have a Google account yet, you will need to create one by visiting before proceeding.


4. On the Google accounts page, enter your Google username and password.


5. After logging in. on the Google accounts page, click Grant access.





Removing Authorization

Removing authorization enables you to re-authorize Sage ACT! to access a different Google account, or disable Sage ACT! and Google Integration.


1. If at any point, you would like to remove authorization: log in to your Google account. Then, in the upper right corner of your Google page, click the arrow next to your email address to expand a menu of account options. Click Account Settings.



2. On the Google accounts page, in the Security section, click the Authorizing applications & sites link.



3. On the next page, under Connected Sites, Apps, and Services, you will see “Sage ACT! Google Integration” listed as an authorized application. Click the Revoke Access link.



4. After clicking the link, you will see confirmation that access has been revoked.