ACT! Quick Trick: Stop Looking and Start Finding with Universal Search

[box style=”note”]All ACT! Quick Trick’s are pulled verbatim from the Sage Community Boards. Full credit goes to the original authors of the posts, in most instances Brian Whalen. Please consider viewing the original article on the ACT Community Board here.[/box]

Sage ACT! includes many ways to find data. If you’re looking for one simple tool for locating nearly anything in Sage ACT!, then look no further. Universal Search is a faster, more expansive search option that gets you to that key document or piece of information you need in your notes, history, and even attachments. You can enter a word, or multiple words, along with special characters and operators, to help you find information in Sage ACT!. In this tip, you’ll learn how to quickly execute a search, and filter the results to pin-point the data you are seeking!



Searching for Information


1. In the Search text box area to the right of the global toolbar (upper right corner of the Sage ACT! window), type your search term. For example, to locate any notes, contacts, attachments or other data that contain the word pricing, type “pricing”, and click Go.



2. The results of your search are displayed in the Search view.



3. To narrow the results to only those notes that include the word “Pricing”, select Notes from the Show Only list. Applying/clearing one or more filters is done simply by selecting/clearing the corresponding checkbox. To filter by last edit date, select the corresponding radio button.


4. To open the note, click the corresponding hyperlink in the results list.



As you can see, Universal Search enables you to quickly locate the exact item you seek, so you can spend more time taking action on the information you store in Sage ACT!, rather than looking for it!

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