ACT! Quick Trick: Take Note of the Sage ACT! Scratchpad!

[box style=”note”]All ACT! Quick Trick’s are pulled verbatim from the Sage Community Boards. Full credit goes to the original authors of the posts, in most instances Brian Whalen. Please consider viewing the original article on the ACT Community Board here.[/box]

We all do it…write random notes on pieces of paper that get lost on our desk, in the wash or end up in the trash. Capturing this information in the new Sage ACT! Scratchpad can eliminate the hassle of finding your notes when you need them, and entering them in Sage ACT!. Quickly capture impromptu notes, phone numbers, and personal reminders, with or without opening Sage ACT!, when you use Sage ACT! Scratchpad, a convenient, virtual notepad. In this tip, you’ll learn how to make the most of this new tool!


Capturing Notes/Activities/History and Sending Them to Sage ACT!

When random tasks, notes or other information interrupt your work, you can quickly capture them with the Sage ACT! Scratchpad, and then deal with them later by recording them in Sage ACT! or deleting them from the list.


1. Open the Sage ACT! Scratchpad:

  • From within Sage ACT!, click Tools > Sage ACT! Scratchpad
  • Or, click Start > All Programs > Sage ACT! 2012/Sage ACT! Premium 2012 > Sage ACT! Scratchpad
  • Or, double click the Sage ACT! Scratchpad shortcut on the desktop


2. Click anywhere in the list to add a new entry; for example, type “Call Bob Robertson RE: product pricing”.



3. Use the toolbar to reorder, format, delete, or print the list.



4. If you would like to send a list item to Sage ACT!, first click an item in your list to make it active.


5. Right click the item, or select the Send to Sage ACT! menu, and then choose from the following options:

  • Schedule Activity (Call, Meeting, or To-do)
  • Insert Note
  • Record History

6. Complete the appropriate information, such as time, date and Contact with which to associate the Activity/Note/History, and click OK.


7. The selected item will be added to Sage ACT!.


As you can see, using the Sage ACT! Scratchpad is easy! Forget about sticky notes. Jot it down on your computer, and then organize it in Sage ACT! when you have time to sort out the details!

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