Act! v18 Hotfix 7 Available

This post updated 3/2/2016

Within the first three months of Act v18 release, there have been 7 software patches.  As of 3/2/2016 the latest pack is Hotfix 7.

All hotfixes are cumulative and include fixes from prior hotfixes.  See below (quoted from Act!):

Act! 18.0 HF7 Download
Act! 18.0 Hot Fix 7




  • The 18.0 HF7 patch is automatically installed with any new 18.0 installations.
  • As we often recommend, web client users may want to set the following Internet Explorer option:
    • Internet Options > General tab > Browsing History, Settings button > Temporary Internet Files tab > Check for newer versions of stored pages: > enable Every time I visit the webpage


Version 18
Update 7
Requires: Act! Premium (access via web)

Issue Number Description
D-04245 APFW – Calendar – Any view – Timezone Inconsistencies
D-04187 APFW – Calendar – mini calendar always uses the server date and time for the mini calendar funtions
D-04229 APFW – Navigating to Calendar View logs off user not running on English language Windows OS.
D-04249 APFW – Remove redundant Today button
D-04178 APFW – Schedule ActivityDialog – Dialog pulling server time instead of client time.
D-04186 APFW – Today button on calendar takes you to the wrong date.
D-04182 Change filestreams in licensing to be more friendly in large hosted environments


Version 18
Update 6
Requires: Act! Pro, Act! Premium, Act! Premium (access via web)

Issue Number Description
D-04113, D-04114 Web – Chrome – Advanced query feature can’t be used with Chrome.
D-04119 Web – Companies List View – cannot export to Excel
D-04120 Web – The list of contacts associated to Company-A are actually the contacts associated with Company-B.
D-04122 Web – Calendars – Some time zone features would log off the customer.
D-04129 Can’t email a Document listed in the Document tab
D-04131 Web – Cannot filter histories by type in History View and all History tabs
D-04150 Web – Performance – Notifications polling is every three seconds s/b 2 hours


Version 18
Hotfix 5
Requires: Act! Pro, Act! Premium, Act! Premium (access via web)

Issue Number Description
D-04024 Fixes an issue where using the Global Toolbar Email command did not populate the TO: field with the taget Contact email addresses.
D-04025 Fixes an issue where Contact > Edit > Replace would fail on secured servers.
D-04034 Yes/No fields will no longer be removed from a Layout after editing.
D-04035 Fixes an issue where Yes/No field types could not be renamed.
D-04037 Fixes an issue where focus on a new Contact was lost when saving, or when triggering an automatic save through another action. E.g., adding an Activity.
D-04039 Re-enabled email commands for Chrome users. These users can set their email client preferences to “Use default email”.


Version 18
Hotfix 4
Requires: Premium (access via web)

Issue Number Description
D-03988 APFW – Logon – incorrect message displayed after third Web logon failure due to credentials


Version 18
Hotfix 3
Requires: Premium (access via web)

Issue Number Description
D-03983 APFW – Contacts – Histories and Documents Tab – Navigating to histories tab Crashes APFW
D-03980 APFW – Calendars – Time zone displays the Log on screen when using custom virtual directories.

Version 18
Hotfix 2
Requires: Pro/Premium

Issue Number Description
D-03965 Fixed a Web Client issue with the Opportunity Views for databases that did not yet contain any Opportunity records.
D-03969 Fixed a redraw issue in the Contact Detail view when navigating through Contact records.
D-03961 The Web client session will no longer end abnormally when creating the first Opportunity in a database.
D-03959 Act! 17.x for Windows customers will now see version 17 related Welcome Page content instead of version 18.
D-03960 Act! 17.x for Web customers will now see version 17 related Welcome Page content instead of version 18.

Version 18
Hotfix 1
Requires: Pro/Premium

Issue Number Description
D-03473 Mobile – Fails to call contact when selecting “Call Phone” or selecting any phone number field on iPhone
D-03848 Some dialogs not responding on Windows Server 2008 R2
D-03858 Resizing the entire Call list tab does not resize the detail window and no scroll bar appears
D-03860 APFW – Task List – No Option To Export to Excel
D-03861 APFW – Chrome – Duplicate Popup Checker is in Loop
D-03869 Error message is squished when licensing errors out
D-03878 When “Daily Calendar” is selected as the start-up view, it displays “Monthly Calendar”
D-03885 Chrome: Act emarketing logon page is not getting loaded prior to logging into AEM account
D-03891 APFW – Preferences – Cleared Activity Display Preference Not Functioning As Designed
D-03902 APFW – Hosted Welcome Page Trial mode should use https, not http
D-03908 Resizing the application window does not resize the Call List detail window, no scroll bar appears
D-03910 Notes – Attaching a document to a note throws an object reference error
D-03918 Removing new AEM permissions still permits the majority of AEM functions
D-03929 APFW – Opportunity Detail Navigation broken


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