ACT! and Mozilla Thunderbird Integration

Currently, ACT is not compatible with Thunderbird. A very large community of Thunderbird users have been upset over this for a long time. I’ve personally been a fan of the email client, but have always used Outlook as it was the only option. Twelve/Three has the skills and expertise necessary to create such an add-on; […]

Sage ACT! 2014 RoadShow is Back!

The ACT! v16 Roadshow presented by Twelve/Three is back! Out with the old, in with the new! ACT v16 is en route for its Fall debut. Come get a first look at the Beta with this year’s ACT Roadshow! The naming of ACT v16 is equivalent to ‘ACT 2014’, but a new naming cycle was implemented. Following the success of […]

What's New in ACT! v16 Brief

Twelve/Three has received additional official materials on what is new in the upcoming version. This confirms many of the rumors from our “unofficial features” page! Big mention: Official support with Office 2013! Act! v16 will be fully compatible with Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013. View the document full screen here. What’s_New_in_Act!_v16_Brief Streamlined Company Management […]

Virtual User Group for Tuesday, July 30th – Using Excel with ACT!

Using Excel with ACT!
Tuesday, July 30th at 9:30AM

Using Microsoft Excel with ACT!.

Are you an Excel guru? Even if just a rookie, many users benefit from understanding the ACT – Excel compatability. There are some tasks Excel can perform with your data even better than ACT!. Learn how to export and import all kinds of fields and data back and forth between these applications to make yourself a power user.

Sage ACT! "Reboot Pending" Installer Error

We saw this issue when installing Sage ACT! 2011 for a client on a Windows 7 machine earlier this week. The installer kept prompting that a reboot was pending and necessary to proceed.

After a reboot, the installer gave the same message. We went through many different hoops and troubleshooting, including deleting the registry values as outlined in this article: Sage Software Online Support Article

Nothing seemed to work, and no answer was available online. After many headaches, the solution turned out relatively simple; We needed to log in as the domain admin for his network and reboot.

So, a relatively rare issue, but if this happens to you, maybe you can go ahead and give it a shot! At least now an additional possible step is available on the net for this error.

Virtual User Group for Tuesday, July 23rd – Using the Web Info Tab

Using the Web Info Tab
Tuesday, July 23rd at 9:30AM

The Web Info tab is an internal browser that lets you display Web pages specific to a contact or company.

The Web Info tab appears on the Contact and Company Detail views. ACT! comes with links to Web sites such as Google Maps, LinkedIn®, Yahoo!® Finance, and so on, but you also have the ability to add more. Attend this session for some free tips and tricks from Geoff on an often-overlooked feature!