Using the Act! History List

Original webcast date March 8, 2016 Geoff of Twelve/Three will review a great new feature of Act!, the History List. The History List was introduced 2 years ago in v16 as a way to view a consolidated list of all histories in the database. It is a very fast and instant way to generate flexible […]

Act! v18 Hotfix 7 Available

This post updated 3/2/2016

Within the first three months of Act v18 release, there have been 7 software patches.  As of 3/2/2016 the latest pack is Hotfix 7.

All hotfixes are cumulative and include fixes from prior hotfixes.  See below (quoted from Act!):

Act! 18.0 HF7 Download
Act! 18.0 Hot Fix 7




  • The 18.0 HF7 patch is automatically installed with any new 18.0 installations.
  • As we often recommend, web client users may want to set the following Internet Explorer option:
    • Internet Options > General tab > Browsing History, Settings button > Temporary Internet Files tab > Check for newer versions of stored pages: > enable Every time I visit the webpage


Version 18
Update 7
Requires: Act! Premium (access via web)

Issue Number Description
D-04245 APFW – Calendar – Any view – Timezone Inconsistencies
D-04187 APFW – Calendar – mini calendar always uses the server date and time for the mini calendar funtions
D-04229 APFW – Navigating to Calendar View logs off user not running on English language Windows OS.
D-04249 APFW – Remove redundant Today button
D-04178 APFW – Schedule ActivityDialog – Dialog pulling server time instead of client time.
D-04186 APFW – Today button on calendar takes you to the wrong date.
D-04182 Change filestreams in licensing to be more friendly in large hosted environments


Version 18
Update 6
Requires: Act! Pro, Act! Premium, Act! Premium (access via web)

Issue Number Description
D-04113, D-04114 Web – Chrome – Advanced query feature can’t be used with Chrome.
D-04119 Web – Companies List View – cannot export to Excel
D-04120 Web – The list of contacts associated to Company-A are actually the contacts associated with Company-B.
D-04122 Web – Calendars – Some time zone features would log off the customer.
D-04129 Can’t email a Document listed in the Document tab
D-04131 Web – Cannot filter histories by type in History View and all History tabs
D-04150 Web – Performance – Notifications polling is every three seconds s/b 2 hours


Version 18
Hotfix 5
Requires: Act! Pro, Act! Premium, Act! Premium (access via web)

Issue Number Description
D-04024 Fixes an issue where using the Global Toolbar Email command did not populate the TO: field with the taget Contact email addresses.
D-04025 Fixes an issue where Contact > Edit > Replace would fail on secured servers.
D-04034 Yes/No fields will no longer be removed from a Layout after editing.
D-04035 Fixes an issue where Yes/No field types could not be renamed.
D-04037 Fixes an issue where focus on a new Contact was lost when saving, or when triggering an automatic save through another action. E.g., adding an Activity.
D-04039 Re-enabled email commands for Chrome users. These users can set their email client preferences to “Use default email”.


Version 18
Hotfix 4
Requires: Premium (access via web)

Issue Number Description
D-03988 APFW – Logon – incorrect message displayed after third Web logon failure due to credentials


Version 18
Hotfix 3
Requires: Premium (access via web)

Issue Number Description
D-03983 APFW – Contacts – Histories and Documents Tab – Navigating to histories tab Crashes APFW
D-03980 APFW – Calendars – Time zone displays the Log on screen when using custom virtual directories.

Version 18
Hotfix 2
Requires: Pro/Premium

Issue Number Description
D-03965 Fixed a Web Client issue with the Opportunity Views for databases that did not yet contain any Opportunity records.
D-03969 Fixed a redraw issue in the Contact Detail view when navigating through Contact records.
D-03961 The Web client session will no longer end abnormally when creating the first Opportunity in a database.
D-03959 Act! 17.x for Windows customers will now see version 17 related Welcome Page content instead of version 18.
D-03960 Act! 17.x for Web customers will now see version 17 related Welcome Page content instead of version 18.

Version 18
Hotfix 1
Requires: Pro/Premium

Issue Number Description
D-03473 Mobile – Fails to call contact when selecting “Call Phone” or selecting any phone number field on iPhone
D-03848 Some dialogs not responding on Windows Server 2008 R2
D-03858 Resizing the entire Call list tab does not resize the detail window and no scroll bar appears
D-03860 APFW – Task List – No Option To Export to Excel
D-03861 APFW – Chrome – Duplicate Popup Checker is in Loop
D-03869 Error message is squished when licensing errors out
D-03878 When “Daily Calendar” is selected as the start-up view, it displays “Monthly Calendar”
D-03885 Chrome: Act emarketing logon page is not getting loaded prior to logging into AEM account
D-03891 APFW – Preferences – Cleared Activity Display Preference Not Functioning As Designed
D-03902 APFW – Hosted Welcome Page Trial mode should use https, not http
D-03908 Resizing the application window does not resize the Call List detail window, no scroll bar appears
D-03910 Notes – Attaching a document to a note throws an object reference error
D-03918 Removing new AEM permissions still permits the majority of AEM functions
D-03929 APFW – Opportunity Detail Navigation broken


Act! v18 Download Links

These are the official download links for Act! v18.  Editions Pro, Premium, & Premium for Web servers. Last updated 12/1/2016.  Please call us 716-837-5727 for any installation questions & assistance. To learn more about Act! v18, click here. Act! Pro v18 Download!-pro-v18   Act! Premium v18 Download!-premium-v18

Act! version comparisons (Act! v18 through ACT! by Sage 2005)

Release Enhancements Chart

All versions include features of prior versions, in addition to those listed.

Version Features
Act! v18
  • Compatible with Windows 10, Office 2016, and Chrome and Internet Explorer 11 browsers
  • Web API platform enabled, allowing for meaningful connections to business productivity tools
  • Advanced subscription management and easy access to the newest features and updates available for Act!
  • Act! emarketing and Call List improvements including advanced administration for user roles, and new filters for Call Lists
  • Fresh, modern look for Act! Premium for Web
  • All-new Act! Premium Cloud Trial includes the ability to upload and add your own data to your own secure database – no downloads or installs needed
Act! v17
  • Enhanced emarketing, including Team access, Lead Capture, and new Smart Task options.
  • Productivity enhancements such as new Outlook® sync options, integration with popular business tools, and more Smart Task options help you save time and stay organized.
  • New streamlined configuration and access options give you faster access to support, easier onboarding, and peace of mind – making deployment a snap!
  • Discover the new, modern look of Act!, and easily access resources, tools, and a variety of apps that help you get more out of your solution.
Act! v16
  • Streamlined Company Management & Global Actions Increase Sales Effectiveness
  • New Calculated Fields Drive Prioritization and Maximize Customer IQ
  • New History View Provides an Insightful Look Back
  • Act! Premium Mobile9 Enhancements Drive Productivity in the Field
  • Usability and System Improvements for Speed and Peace of Mind
Sage ACT! 2013
  • Sage ACT! Premium Mobile10 – now includes Opportunities
  • Social Updates11, view and interact with customers’ LinkedIn® and Facebook® profiles from within their contact record
  • Smart Tasks now run offline12 and include data/field triggers13 for automatic updates
  • Optimized download and install experience, identifies and installs missing technology components
  • Usability improvements based on customer feedback
  • New wizards to help create a remote database, moving and sharing a database
  • Mobile clients work with Android™ Device Browsers 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, and 4.0, and Safari® for iPad® and iPhone® iOS4, iOS5, and iOS6
  • Works with Windows® 8, Windows Server® 2012, Windows® SBS 2011m Internet Explorer® 10, and iOS 6
Sage ACT! 2012
    (April 2012)

  • Sage ACT! Premium Mobile14, real-time access to Sage ACT! Premium contact and calendar details from iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ device
  • Automatically post e-marketing messages to LinkedIn®, Facebook®, and Twitter® with Social Sharing15
    (September 2011)
  • Sage ACT! Scratchpad, a convenient, virtual notepad
  • Expanded Universal Search
  • Seamless interaction with Gmail™
  • Google Contacts™ and Google Calendar™ sync
  • Mobile access to Sage ACT! contacts and calendar with Sage ACT! Connect16
  • Connections Page provides central access to web-based services, including Sage Connected Services
  • Works with Internet Explorer® 9 and Firefox® 4
Sage ACT! 2011
  • Smart Tasks, which is like workflow, only easier
  • Leads with Sage Business Info Services for ACT!17 powered by Hoover’s™
  • Outlook®® contact and calendar sync
  • Direct import from Excel®, no .csv required
  • Works with Office 2010 and Windows® 7
ACT! by Sage 2010
  • View LinkedIn®, Facebook®, and more from within Sage ACT!
  • Email marketing with Sage E-marketing for ACT!18
  • Reports view
  • Simplified navigation
  • Welcome page with feature tours, help, and news from Sage
  • Customizable opportunities
ACT! by Sage 2009
  • Related contacts
  • Seamless interaction with Microsoft® Outlook®® email
ACT! by Sage 2008
  • Graphical dashboards
  • Duplicate checking by first and last name
  • Duplicate checking for groups and companies
  • Advanced Queries for groups and companies
ACT! by Sage 2007
  • Last email field
  • Specify linked contact and company fields
  • Field-level security19
  • En masse security for notes, history, and opportunities
ACT! by Sage 2006
  • Customizable opportunity field names and types20
  • Citrix® and Terminal Services
  • Automatic database backup and sync21
ACT! by Sage 2005
  • Multi-select values
  • Customizable drop-downs
  • Rich text formatting
  • Attach documents to activities, notes, and history
  • Groups with dynamic group membership
  • Company records
  • Multiple calendar views
  • Opportunity list view
  • Instant quotes using supported versions of Microsoft® Excel® and Word
  • Sample sales processes
  • Graphical sales pipeline
  • Preformatted reports
  • Export to Excel®
  • Query-based sync

9 Act! Premium mobile requires setup and configuration of Act! Premium (access via Web). Data access available via active Internet connection from supported device browsers. Review Act! system requirements at You are responsible for all data-related charges.
10 Sage ACT! Premium Mobile requires setup and configuration of Act! Premium (access via Web). Data access available via active Internet connection from supported device browsers. Review Sage ACT! system requirements at You are responsible for all data-related charges.
11 This feature is not available in Sage ACT! Premium (access via web).
12 Sage E-Marketing for ACT! steps will not run offline.
13 Data/field triggers are only available in Contact and Opportunity entities.
14 Sage ACT! Premium Mobile requires setup and configuration of Sage ACT! Premium (access via web). Data access available via active Internet connection from supported device browsers. Review Sage ACT! system requirements at You are responsible for all data-related charges to your device.
15 Requires a subscription to Sage E-Marketing for ACT!.
16 Requires additional subscription.
17 Requires additional subscription.
18 Requires additional subscription.
19 This feature only available in Sage ACT! Premium
20 This feature only available in Sage ACT! Premium
21 This feature only available in Sage ACT! Premium