What's New in ACT! v16 Brief

Twelve/Three has received additional official materials on what is new in the upcoming version. This confirms many of the rumors from our “unofficial features” page!

Big mention: Official support with Office 2013! Act! v16 will be fully compatible with Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013.

View the document full screen here.


Streamlined Company Management & Global Actions Increase Sales Effectiveness

• Automatically associate exiting and new contacts with a company
• See consolidated view of notes, history, and activities for all contacts
• Perform global actions for all contacts at a company – like emailing or scheduling
• Company records are automatically created when first contact is added
• Bi-directional linking from contact to company & company to contact
• Optional and configurable based on business preference
• Available with Act! Pro, Act! Premium, and Act! Premium Mobile

New Calculated Fields Drive Prioritization and Maximize Customer IQ

• Drive productivity based on actionable data and intelligent prioritization
• Perform calculations automatically in a field using data from other standard or custom fields
• Calculate based on age, date, percent, dollars, values, currency, and more
• Send contract renewals, birthday and thank you notes, service reminders, and more – driven by calculated data
• Prioritize sales opportunities based on calculated thresholds, deal value, or commissions
• Create lookups and groups based on calculation results and perform individual or global actions
• Leverage automated Smart Tasks and integrated emarketing services to advance sales and enhance relationships
• Generate reports or export to Excel® with one click to perform additional analysis

New History View Provides an Insightful Look Back

• Easily view all completed activities – including to-dos, calls, emails, and meetings – in one convenient place
• Reference an aggregate timeline of completed actions such as system changes, deleted contacts, and field changes
• Search, sort, and filter history records, then perform global actions that are automatically added to individual records
• Assess productivity, performance, and responsiveness by reviewing all completed user activities
• Review all activities and actions performed for a contact or company to see a timeline of their experience as a customer
• Export history to Excel® in one click to perform additional analysis and gain deeper insights

Act! Premium Mobile Enhancements Drive Productivity in the Field

• Bring key elements of the desktop experience to your mobile device
• Create, view, and edit groups in Act! Premium Mobile
• Take individual or global actions from within groups such as sending emails
• View companies and a consolidated history of activities for all contacts
• Automatically link new and existing contacts to company records
• Scroll through, select, and view records in a new split-screen tablet view

Usability and System Improvements for Speed and Peace of Mind

• Reschedule activities en masse for multiple contacts from a task list or company record, or multiple activities in a single contact record
• Receive proactive alerts about the success or failure of background system events such as backups or sync
• Configure notification rules and specify email recipients by task
• Quickly add new fields and manage layouts within the Act! Premium Web Client15 instead of on the server or via your hosting provider

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Important Note: Review Act! system requirements at www.act.com/systreq. You must purchase one license of Act! per user. Scalability varies based on hardware, size, and usage of your database. Visit www.act.com/marketplace or contact your add-on product provider to determine compatibility for your add-on products. Act! Pro customers should review Act! Connect system requirements at www.act.com/connectsystreq to confirm supported mobile devices, tablets, and web browsers before subscribing to this service. You are responsible for all data-related charges. Based on your wireless plan, you may receive an extra charge from your carrier for the initial setup text message.

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