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4043 Maple Rd

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Amherst, NY 14226

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    • Hi Gerry,
      No, sorry to say. Act! is still having a tremendously difficult time being integrated with Outlook as it is. The thunderbird integration was a side project that I began working on but gave up rather early on. It is tremendously complicated and very hard to support indefinitely. Perhaps it is worth re-builging one using the Web API, but it is not something we are exploring at this time.

  1. Hello, we use Zoho here at our firm and we do not use it efficiently. We need it configured and optimized for our business, we need staff training and we need data feed between Zoho and Google apps. We are looking for help and consultation for this.
    Thank you,
    Head of Sales

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Twelve/Three Marketing, Inc.

4043 Maple Rd, Suite 204
Amherst, NY 14226

p: (716) 837-5727
f: (716) 837-5727

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