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    • Hi Gerry,
      No, sorry to say. Act! is still having a tremendously difficult time being integrated with Outlook as it is. The thunderbird integration was a side project that I began working on but gave up rather early on. It is tremendously complicated and very hard to support indefinitely. Perhaps it is worth re-builging one using the Web API, but it is not something we are exploring at this time.

  1. Hello, we use Zoho here at our firm and we do not use it efficiently. We need it configured and optimized for our business, we need staff training and we need data feed between Zoho and Google apps. We are looking for help and consultation for this.
    Thank you,
    Head of Sales

  2. We are looking for assistance with upgrade of our ACT Premium 2011 to newest On-Premise version of ACT ( v21 onpremise). We are running a Windows 2012R2 server. We also need help with customization and data migration. We currently sync with Outlook. We are in the process of moving to Office 365 and will be using Office 365 Business Premium. Our ACT is standalone. It is not integrated with any quoting systems/software such as Quotewerks, nor do we currently have our ACT currently integrated with our QuickBooks.

    We are looking to do our ACT upgrade, customization and data migration by early to mid- December so we need someone who can help us within this time table.

    Please contact me if you feel that you might be able to help us. Thank you.
    Timothy J. Butz
    Presentation Concepts Corporation
    6517 Basile Rowe
    East Syracuse, NY 13057
    Office: (315) 437-1314 Ext 112
    E-mail: tbutz@pccav.com

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