Mobile Solutions for Act!

Mobile Solutions for Act!

Access your data on the go


Handheld Contact

Handheld Contact is a 3rd party Act! add-on developed by a company called Keystroke.  We prefer it as the most superior way of synchronizing two-way data from your Act! database to your phone.

Handheld Contact works via cloud sync.  Software is installed on your main Act! computer, which sends contact & calendar data up to a cloud server.  Using the HHC app (available on iOS App Store & Android Google Play), your phone can then retrieve this data.


  • Data is saved locally to your phone in an app, so it loads very fast!
  • Can sync up to 10 custom fields, 7500 contacts, and 5 notes/histories for each contact
  • Can sync full calendar activities for all users
  • Reliable and doesn’t require special networking configurations, static IPs, or an always-on server
  • Keeps Act! contacts separated from your personal phone address book contacts


  • Costs $79/yr subscription for each device

Act! Premium for Web


APFW is built in to Act! Premium databases at no extra charge.  Ideally, it should only be ran on a company server.  APFW can open a web portal to your database so that any device – mobile or desktop – can securely login via a web client.

There is no sync necessary; any device that logs in through the web client is seeing the master database.  Every custom field, note, history, opportunities, and much more is available.


  • Included for free with Act! Premium
  • No sync necessary
  • No limits on data able to be loaded
  • Access from unlimited devices


  • All browser data is loaded fresh each time; results in slower load times

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