Act! v 18.1 Update Version 18 Service Pack 1 – April 21 2016

Act! version 18.1 is a new update released 4/21/2015.  There are over 117 defects fixed in this version.  Act! can run at full resolution settings on high DPI displays.  A new Web API has been added, allowing huge advancement potential for add-on developers.  Other nice features have been added too!


Act! Pro v18.1

Act! Premium v18.1

Act! Premium (Web) v18.1


Here’s a list of what to expect in 18.1:

  • Act! and its components will better adapt to displays running at high resolutions and DPI scaling above 100%
  • Compatibility updates for Web users will improve the customer experience with all grid views.
  • The Act! for Web installer now allows you to install the Web API product.
  • Act! Connect View — Marketplace inclusions
  • Favorite Contact feature – mark and locate your favorite Contacts.
  • Activities, that may have been rescheduled or rolled-over, now show the date for which they were originally scheduled.
  • Localized versions of Act! 18.1 will be available for French, German, and (New!) French-Canadian languages.

Customer Facing Defects Closed in Act! v18.1 to Date

D-02467 Remote Database Creation includes all Secondary Contacts
D-02592 Ellipses buttons or dropdown lists missing from detail views on Surface
D-02613 TS: “Remote Database Sync Status by User” module in Administrative Dashboard is broken
D-02679 APFW: “Export to Excel” menu displays as grey for Contact List the second time trying to export
D-02713 Contact History Records Not Exported to a Copy Database Successfully
D-03338 APFW: Chrome – Unable to close the dialog box using cancel button in Advanced Query
D-03695 APFW: Contacts – Detail View – Tool tip is not getting displayed
D-03723 APFW: Chrome – Dashboard – Filter options are not displayed and white screen is displayed
D-03782 APFW: Dashboard – Deleting the same activity from different browsers doesn’t show a proper error
D-03789 APFW: Information not displayed in fields when using IE 8 or 9
D-03808 APFW: Chrome – Duplicate Popup Checker is in Loop
D-03809 APFW: Chrome – Groups Detail View – “Recipients Exceeded” warning dialog does not appear
D-03812 Registration – Getting an Internal server error
D-03813 APFW: Task List – No Option To Export to Excel
D-03829 Emarketing: Call Lists – Resizing the Call List tab does not resize the details pane, no scroll bar
D-03859 APFW: Chrome – Duplicate Popup Checker Not Functioning
D-03871 Wrong error message is displayed when license is invalid
D-03888 APFW: Preferences – Cleared Activity Display in Grey Not Functioning As Designed
D-03913 Framework error on Exiting Act
D-03967 APFW: Opportunities – No opportunities in Database dialog missing
D-03970 APFW: Opportunities – Detail view – Page does not Auto refresh after deleting the last opportunity
D-03972 APFW: Contact Detail View – Clicking next contact refreshes the entire page
D-03980 APFW: Calendars – Time zone Displays the Log on screen when using custom virtual directories
D-03981 APFW: Chrome – Mac – Top menu does not use global font settings
D-03982 APFW: Sort dialogue box drop down lists empty
D-03983 APFW: Contacts – Histories and Documents Tab – Navigating to histories tab Crashes APFW
D-03984 Contact email address does not populate TO: address when Email command is used
D-03989 TS: Clicking any schedule item from Company Detail view results in error
D-03996 APFW: Chrome – Activities Tab – No refresh after clicking OK on a new activity from Follow Up
D-03997 APFW: Chrome – Opportunities Tab – Clicking an Opportunity link does not go to the detail view
D-03998 APFW: Chrome – When creating a new note, shows multiple fonts as default
D-04001 E-mail Document button on Documents tab produces error
D-04006 APFW: IE11 – Cannot save change in Opportunity Stage
D-04007 Field Triggers – Activity Series give object reference error
D-04011 APFW: IE – Yes/No fields removed from layout after editing
D-04012 Create a remote with criteria and user cannot log in
D-04014 APFW: Administrative Dashboard User Status Component returns no information
D-04026 Contact Edit > Replace command fails when APFW service run in secure mode
D-04033 TS: User cannot rename Yes or No field
D-04036 Focus is lost when adding a new Contact and doing any save action
D-04038 APFW: Chrome – Restore non-Microsoft Office Email and Act! Word Processing functionality
D-04040 Contacts – Cant attach document from contact list view
D-04041 APFW: List View – Attaching file via Contacts > Attach menu returns error and blanks out list view
D-04042 Contact List View – Disable New Secondary Contact menu item
D-04044 APFW: Contact List View – Disable New Secondary Contact menu item
D-04047 Editing a tab name in the Layout Designer deletes all fields on the tab
D-04049 Navigation Button changes don’t stick
D-04051 APFW: Navigation Button changes don’t stick
D-04053 APFW: IE11 – Cancelling Copy Field doesn’t cancel
D-04054 APFW: Chrome – Act Word Processor – Unable to use in Chrome – Remove the popup message
D-04056 Update Act! Manifest to correct DPI Scaling issue
D-04061 APFW: Object Reference error when doing Export To Excel from companies list view
D-04062 APFW: Company Detail View – Contacts tab not always displaying the correct contacts
D-04063 APFW: Browse user able to attempt creating a new record
D-04064 APFW: Choosing an item in a drop-down, changes the previously selected custom dropdown
D-04065 Using Tag/Untag All while in Tag mode disables Lookup Selected and Omit Selected
D-04073 APFW: Edit List Values only appearing on ID/Status drop down
D-04074 APFW: Email mail merge server details not displaying
D-04075 APFW: Companies List View – Export to excel returns an object reference error
D-04077 APFW: Chrome – Advanced Query unable to click OK or Cancel after loading saved queries
D-04078 APFW: Chrome – Advanced Query unable to click OK or Cancel after clicking preview
D-04085 APFW: Relationship Details box size is too large, requires scroll bars
D-04089 APFW: Chrome – Contact Detail View – Activities tab isn’t refreshed after new activity is created
D-04094 Icons shown while creating a custom command are not displayed on toolbar
D-04100 LC: FR – Only first occurrences of recurring activities are synchronizing to Google calendar
D-04104 APFW: Chrome – Newly re-enabled Email menu items don’t do anything
D-04106 APFW: When switching between contacts, Activities tab does not update
D-04110 APFW: Unable to open sub folders via Write>Other Document From Template
D-04111 APFW: Notes Tab – Unable to see the Attachments column after adding it in customized columns
D-04115 TS: Define Sync Set button doesn’t work when downloaded from Act For Web
D-04130 APFW: Type FIlter in all History Tabs and View resets to None when used
D-04132 APFW: Today button on calendar takes you to the wrong date
D-04134 APFW: Chrome – Act! Word Processing – Write Letter gets in a download loop
D-04135 APFW: Chrome – Act! Word Processing – Write New Document is broken
D-04136 APFW: Chrome – Act! Word Processing – Write Edit Template is broken
D-04137 APFW: Chrome – Act! Word Processing – Get 404 Not found when trying to use Mail Merge
D-04139 APFW: Opportunity List View – Select Users dialog does not auto-refresh list after making changes
D-04143 APFW: Chrome – Cannot reschedule an activity series
D-04144 APFW: Chrome – Cannot delete a complete activity series
D-04146 APFW: Chrome – Session Timeout does not present “Continue” dialog, creates redirect loop
D-04148 APFW: Performance – Notifications polling is every three seconds
D-04152 Edit List Values control is wrong UI except for ID/Status
D-04157 APFW: Field text font color is not represented correctly
D-04158 APFW: Chrome – Cannot delete a recurring activity series
D-04160 APFW: Schedule Activity – Dialog pulling server time instead of client time
D-04161 APFW: Calendar – mini calendar always uses the server date and time for functions
D-04164 APFW: Cannot tab out of County field when creating a new contact
D-04166 Call List: Last updated field is using UTC+7 when using time and now users profile settings
D-04177 TS: Unable to edit recurring activities end date
D-04180 APFW: Act Word Processor – Write Letter generates error
D-04184 APFW: Activity text color is not displayed in task list on web
D-04185 NavBar customizations are lost after closing and reopening Act! on Windows 10
D-04188 Open Database dialog deformed on FR/CF
D-04189 French NavBar defaults to scrunched up
D-04193 APFW: Can’t select a contact from the task list if the contact’s name is blank
D-04195 LC: CF – Wrong “states” show up in the Registration drop down
D-04196 APFW – Cannot multi-select on task list
D-04197 LC: CF – Registration Wizard text is deformed, multiple pages
D-04198 LC: CF – Registration Wizard activating message box is not translated
D-04206 APFW: Calendar Recap List – Recap item link will not open the related activity
D-04210 APFW: When Daily Calendar is selected as the start-up view, Monthly Calendar is displayed
D-04211 APFW: Calendar – Remove the Today button from the toolbar, the mini calendar has one
D-04213 Notifications download message is confusing
D-04217 Update Scratchpad Web branding
D-04218 APFW: A warning message pops up when trying to Send to Act! a note, history, or activity
D-04220 TS: Unable to create new layout tab with a name that has already been used
D-04222 APFW: When encountering a Details field with invalid characters, web clients are logged out
D-04224 If the primary AEM email address is not verified, Send an Email Campaign throws an ObjRef Error
D-04225 APFW: Mobile – iOS – Clicking edit on any contact logs the user out
D-04226 APFW: Chrome – Startup preferences aren’t honored if you close the browser
D-04230 APFW: Mobile – Cannot dial phone number containing country code; needs preceding “+” sign
D-04232 LC: CF – New database form needs more space for verbiage
D-04233 APFW: Navigating to Calendar View logs off user not running on English language Windows OS
D-04235 Blank Mail Merge fields don’t collapse if there are two blanks on the same row
D-04238 APFW: Calendar – Time zone Inconsistencies
D-04290 Change text color in NavBar for better contrast
D-04293 APFW: Users are logged out when encountering a Notes details field with invalid characters